OCP ACS Immersion monthly call (personal invite)

Rolf Brink



Hi everyone! The agenda for this month’s meeting is as follows:


1.     Project updates

       ACF update by Don Mitchell                                              5 min

       Server group – HPC by Allan Cantle                                  10 min

       Microsoft server lift update by Fred Constantino               5 min

       Material compatibility update by Eduardo de Azevedo      5 min

       Immersion requirements update by Rolf Brink                  5 min

2.     Topic of the month

       Introduction to flashpoint                                                  10 min

       Flashpoint discussion                                                       15 min



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  • Announcements and project updates are provided during the first half of the session.
  • Plenary discussions and community content presentations are provided for the second half of the session.
  • Please submit any desired presentations or content at least 1 week before the call to John.Bean@... and Rolf.Brink@....