Urgent OCP ACS Vendor Input Request - BIM content of Immersion, ColdPlate, DoorHX, CDU solutions

Don Mitchell <Don.Mitchell@...>

Action Request:  Need Revit Content from OCP Vendors For Data Center World

  • If OCP Vendors desire to have their products featured, need ASAP 


Immersion, ColdPlate, DoorHX and associated CDU products of keen interest


Feel free to attend Weekly OCP ACF workstream update calls Tuesdays 1100 ET (UTC-4) if you wish to discuss

Link for calls listed above https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/952298085



See Discussion Below and attached PPT


Kind Regards


Don Mitchell


Subproject Co-Lead for Advanced Cooling – Facilities (ACF) subproject


Upcoming OCP Advanced Cooling Facilities Events

    • Case Study
    • OCP ACF Workshop on Reference Designs and Connection Standardizations


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As an FYI, the BIM request from the ACF group is going to be for file formats such as RFA (Revit). We (MEP consultants) are frequently given SolidWorks, Inventor and other file formats to use which are completely useless to us in our work. Autodesk Revit won’t allow those file types to be directly imported to MEP Design models, so we have to create RFA files. The geometry we get from the aforementioned manufacturer design files are so large that, when RFA files are created from them, they are too large to be used and bring our servers to a standstill. Per Autodesk, RFA files are recommended to be no larger than 500 KB to be useful in Revit models. The one I’m currently working with on a project was 26.5 MB when created from a STEP file.


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John Gross, PE, ATD

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Subject: RE: R&P - ACS Leads Call - Data Center World Panel Discussion Input Request - BIM content


Hi Don,


Quick follow up from our PL call. If you wanted to reference the term “Shringwrap” or “Wrap” when referring to suppliers models for BIM use, this is commonly known across Creo (PTC), SolidWorks, and Autodesk (Inventor).


Caleb Lusk

Design Engineering Manager


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Subject: RE: R&P - ACS Leads Call - Data Center World Panel Discussion Input Request - BIM content


ACS leads – I will be sending out the invite below to many of your members, likely in individual e-mails.  Please advise if you have questions or recommendations on who to target.

Once the concept is demonstrated, believe it will self-justify being a recommendation/requirement.


The Advanced Cooling – Facilities (ACF) subproject of OpenComputeProject will be hosting a workshop at Data Center World 16 August

We would like to demonstrate use of BIM/VDC to enable rapid, precision design and delivery of liquid cooled ITE.


Need BIM content from ACS Vendors. 

First vendor(s) to provide adequate BIM content as described below will be featured in the discussion and demonstration at Data Center World

Please advise immediately if you have interest in participating.


The Reference Design Workstream is due to be published as a WP this summer. 

We are seeking to provide a library of reference designs on liquid cooled ITE. 

(See appendix A or bottom of this e-mail for guidance on BIM Content)



If you have questions on how to create BIM families in Revit RFA format, we can refer you to contractors that can provide this service quickly.


BIM content can greatly enhance the ease of design and delivery of solutions, and advance consideration of ACS solutions.


Kind Regards


Don Mitchell

John Menoche, P.E.


Subproject Co-Leads for Advanced Cooling – Facilities


BIM families should have the following characteristics (aligns with LOD 350 definition)

Key Requirements to support Reference Designs

  1. Revit RFA format
  2. Exterior surfaces and clearances with dimensions. 500 KB is the maximum recommended size for RFA files
  3. Connections for piping, power and drain (if applicable) modeled in dimensionally accurate locations and sizes.
    1. Note: if there are straight run requirements for piping connections to facilitate unit-mounted instrumentation, include the straight runs in the RFA so the designer can connect the piping to the RFA and already have straight runs accommodated.
    2. Electrical connections should have voltage, phase, kVA and load classification parameters as a minimum.