Request for input for Immersion track

Rolf Brink

Dear subscribers to any of the ACS mailing lists,


I would like to request your feedback on a topic which has been discussed within the immersion workstream.


One of the immersion types is currently referred to as tub, tank, immersed rack or open bath. The current specification for the immersion stream refers to open bath.


  • The open aspect refers to the open liquid-air interface and thus surface tension between the liquid and the air being a distinctive element.
  • The term open bath seems to be causing confusion since all solutions in this category require some kinds of lids and some solutions even require air-tight sealing.


We wish to ask you for your input on this point. We can still decide on final terminology in this first industry specification document. What do you think is the most appropriate categorisation of open bath style immersion systems? Should we keep using this term or should we change it to something else?


Currently "Open Bath" is the defacto reference, the survey will collect your input and is free-form text to collect your preference for a standard naming reference for the industry.


We appreciate your input. Please use the following link to access the survey (only one input field required, nothing more!)


Enter either “Open Bath” or your input for a new designation.



Rolf Brink