Bulk Data Centers AS OS-IX N01 DK01 - EN50600 Information


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I thought it would be of interest to the group, to share some information with you that has been provided by Bulk Data Centers on the EN50600 standard and the framework that their data centers comply with, see below.



The EN 50600 series provides a framework for consultants, designers, installers, service providers as well as owners and operators and encompasses the key aspects during the life time of a data center including:


  • Understanding business risk and operating cost analysis
  • General aspects required to support effective operation
  • Classification system for: Availability, Security and Energy Efficiency
  • Lifetime of the Data Center
  • Environmental sustainability
  • General design principals including symbols, labels, coding in drawings, quality assurance and education


EN50600 is also adopted into ISO/IEC TS22237 as in the field of information technology, ISO and IEC have established a joint technical committee, ISO/IEC JTC 1.




Link: EN50600 Internal Slide deck




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