Notes, July 21, Data Center Facility - OCP Project Call

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Notes from our sync today.

July 21 2021: Data Center Facility - OCP Project Call

  • (Bret/Madhu) DCF organization updates (20 min)

    • Discussion on goals

    • Discussion on program management

    • DCF charter: Original intent and coverage, current status, new areas to be included

    • New business

    • DCF Team Comments

      • OCP Ready - Traditional IT, we have focused on Colos, review the term, look at Enterprise Data Center, broaden the use case.

      • In scoping there is DC Monitoring & Control - Create a workstream in this area, and the community would be interested - Would fit into the Security Workstream.

        • John L, interested to support, would like feedback on models.

      • Redfish - Could it help to measure Carbon Emissions and potentially part of a Sustainability work stream.  Redfish is an interface used to build an API.

      • Helps to capture both the history of the charter with present work.

      • North Star can be “Enablement of OCP Hardware” and tie back to it.

      • Redfish can be part of OTS discussion.

      • 1-2 years look ahead is challenging for sub-projects, looking ~2-3 quarters is easier to do, especially true from a technology standpoint and guidelines

  • Track updates (20 min)

    • (Mark) 2 year Roadmap for OCP Ready Track

      • Rob Coyle has been appointed co-lead for the OCP Ready™ Facility Recognition Program

      • SpaceDC - JAK2 data center 12-month self- review has been completed and reviewed, and the facility continues to meet the OCP Ready requirements.

        • To be formally approved and then published on the website.

      • 3rd quarter goal progress

        • Goal 1 - Revise colo site assessment to allow data centers that only use RDHx to meet the OCP Ready Requirements

          • Colo site assessment changes have been accepted by the DCF community so that data centers that fit Rear Door Heat Exchangers (RDHx) to Open Racks without cold or hot aisles installed, can meet the OCP Ready requirements.  The new colo site assessment and OCP Ready requirements matrix in the ‘Colo facility Guidelines for the Deployment of Open Racks’ is in process of being updated on the OCP website, and in the sub-project Wiki.

        • Goal 2 -  Create guidelines for the deployment of Open Rack V2.0 with RDHx

          • Goal 2 is in process and we’re looking for volunteers from the DCF community to form a group to collaborate on creating guidelines for adding to the ‘Cooling’ section  of the ‘Colo facility Guidelines for the Deployment of Open Racks’

    • (Don/John) Update on Advanced Cooling Facilities

    • (Joey/Jon) Update on Security - DCW OTS

      • Three current work streams progressing well

        • Physical Security – specification on how to secure a data center from a holistic standpoint, strategic partnership with ASIS in development

        • Logging and Monitoring – specification on what signals we need from various device types and how to tag them for security concerns in development

        • Network Comms – Requirements identified, reached out to potential partners with current protocols that meet our needs

      • One proposed work stream too look at the software stack in the place and see if there is potential for open source software to address

      • Represented the project at Data Center World UK in July and Data Center World Orlando in August

    • (Bob) Modular DC (offline)

      • Continuing to work on the OCP Ready Guidelines for Deploying Modular Data Centers

        • Are holding a separate meeting each month that focuses solely on developing the guideline

        • Have created a basic outline that is being used as the development plan.

        • Scott Neal is working on a draft of the Electrical section.

        • Bob Oliver is working on a comparison of benefits of MDC vs. Traditional Data Centers

        • Don Mitchell (along with Bernie Malouin and Karl Rabe) is working on a draft of the Cooling section

      • Started work on a MDC Checklist to compare advantages and disadvantages of a purpose-built DC vs. MDC.  This is being led by Rob Coyle

      • 3 Month / 6 Month / 12 Month Goals

        • 3 Month:  MDC Checklist

        • 6 Month: 

          • Draft of OCP Ready Specification for MDC

          • Paper on how to optimize designs via Rear Door Heat Exchange (using OCP Racks)

        • 12 month: 

          • Initial Release of OCP Ready Specification for MDC.

          • Look at sustainable / alternative energy sources for MDC’s

  • Discussion - OCP Abstract submissions from DCF

    • ACF - 2 abstracts

      • “OCP guidance on standardized methods of connecting of liquid cooled IT to cooling loops”.

      • “OCP Guidance, Reference Designs – Adding Liquid Cooling loops to Data Centers”.

    • Other DCF Tracks

      • OCP Ready

        • Princeton Group ???

        • RDHx and OCP v2.0 in Colos

      • Modular Data Center

        • TBD

      • Security

        • Physical security work stream expressed interest/working on white paper

        • TBD: Monitoring/Logging team

      • Facebook (data center), Mauricio

        • Interested in initiating a Data Center Power

        • Team suggests a White Paper for longevity of reference

        • 2 FB submissions to OCP

          • Harmonic emissions at the data center

          • Impedance of the UPS and how to measure it.

      • Archna - ~6 submissions

  • Planned OCP Submissions - Rack & Power - Advanced Cooling Systems

    • Liquid Cold Plates: 2 Abstracts on liquid cooling

    • Rear Door Heat Exchanger - 1 abstract

      • ACS Door Heat Exchanger Requirements & Community Discussions

    • Immersion - 4 abstracts

      • Immersion Requirements Rev 2

      • Materials COmpatibility Project Update

      • Immersion Community Update

      • A global data center transition

  • Redfish for Infrastructure Systems, Jeff Auter, HP (Co-chair, OCP Redfish Forum)

    • Systems management specification

    • Redfish is http based restful interface

    • DMTF is a 30 year old stds org (IT & Systems Management)

    • Alliance between OCP and DMTF

    • Clear demarcation between OEM specific and std

    • Conceived around for 6 years, broad adoption on server side, has been shipping for 4-5 years in servers

    • Data model incorporates data center started to be developed 2 years ago started with Rack PDU

    • Models developed/under dev

      • Power shelves

      • Electrical busses (facility and rack level)

      • Coolant Distribution Units (Just started)

      • Thermal subsystem

      • UPS

      • Cabling database and model.

      • Sensor/telemetry

    • Other comments

      • Interaction with Programmable Logic Control (PLC)

      • Redfish is end user interface above the components/systems

      • Focus on web gui and human interaction

      • Implementation details at the data extraction level are abstracted out.


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Here is the agenda for our Wednesday OCP DCF Call. (July 21 2021)
[1] (Bret/Madhu) DCF organization updates (20 min)
- Discussion on goals
- Discussion on program management
[2] Track updates (20 min)
- (Mark) OCP Ready Track
- (Don/John) Update on ACF
- (Joey/Jon) Update on Security
- (Bob) Modular DC (offline)
[3] Discussion - OCP Abstract submissions from DCF (20 min)


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