CAPX reduction for OCP Data Centre Facilities #poll


What is the CAPX reduction that has been achieved  for a half a megawatt OCP optimised Data Centre facility  built in Sweden compared to a traditional Tier  III Enterprise  Data  Centre  facility?


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CAPX for Data Centre Facilities


I am keen to see the CAPX reductions publicised for OCP optimised Data Centre Facilities  compared to traditional  Tier III Enterprise Data Centre Facilities.

The IHS Markit  research  shows cost reduction  to be a prime motivator for  adoption of OCP solutions but the Data Centre Facilities CAPX & OPEX are not considered in this adoption decision. If the OCP community  start telling  the story about the significant financial  costs reductions  for OCP optimised  Data Centre Facilities  then based on the research  findings  that cost reduction is a prime motivator then the larger the  cost savings  the bigger the nudge towards change.

Decarbonisation of Data Centres


What happened  in the UK on 27 June 2019?


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Decarbonisation of Data Centres


When the full video of my on stage discussion  at Vivatech  Paris was uploaded to YouTube  it received  six thousand views in the first 24 hours.

Now those viewing figures surprised  me and then in the following  week there was a 76% surge in people  viewing  my LinkedIn profile.

Methinks I have discovered  a stampede of interest on the topic of data centre  decarbonisation.

OCP servers  using 50% less energy have  a big EBA ( Environmental  Business  Advantage) here with respect to traditional enterprise  servers, plus the added benefit of OCP optimised data centres now achieving PUE of 1.02.

With the big day in the UK on 27 June 2019 methinks  we should  be telling  people  about the EBA's that vanity free OCP infrastructures  have over traditional proprietary solutions and in March 2020 with new EU legislation  on server energy  efficiency  the OCP EBA will only grow.

White Paper on CHC or "what exactly is it" you tube videos



I keep getting asked if the OCP community have produced a white paper on CHC ( Combined Heat & Compute).

My thoughts...

Must be simple

4 page maximum ( or future 3min explainer video)

Explain basic principles of operation of CHC. Use pictures diagrams. Perhaps some animation on web site similar to the "what exactly is it "Open Compute cartoon.
(Note: OCP " what exactly is it" short explainer videos in the OCP YouTube channel would be useful on a range of topics and there is a demand which has been proven by the short 3min explainer videos produced by Menno Kortekaas at CirclrB

Assume CHC in city location.

Timeline trends towards liquid heat transfer for servers and give reasons why.

Give examples of modular CHC..see the NORDICs and soon London

Based upon air ( heat pump requirement) and liquid heat transfer from OCP racks inside the OCP Modular Data Centre. Provide pros and cons of air vs liquid. e.g. heat pumps and energy efficiency comparisons. Noise 

Compare the pros and cons of a large and hyperscale CHC against the smaller modular Data Centre. Smaller distributed CHC may not require stand by capacity from other heat sources if connected to distributed automated heat networks.

Target audiences:
Understandable by City Infrastructures and Sustainability Planners..

To creat awareness of CHC and explain basic principles for City Infrastructure Planners and Policy Makers because policy drive change.

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