Re: Meeting Minutes - input requested

Steven Roberts

On Wed, Jan 9, 2019 at 4:12 PM Steven Roberts <steven.roberts@...> wrote:

1) Please find more information around the Open Domain-Specific Accelerator Workgroup (ODSA) at the link below.  Bapi and I agreed to get a survey for the OCP community out there to provide insight on where to help land this into a project group.  In addition, we've schedule some time next week on the mechanics of OCP contributions and how we could sequence current ODSA material into OCP.  If interested in joining the conversation, please email bapi.vinnakota@... for an invitation.

2) I'm sending an open spreadsheet out and requesting community consideration for our HPC Rack Power track:

What we're trying to get to is what are the HPC requirements needed to make 21" OCP racks useful in this space.  If you have an HPC rack in your care, please let us know about its power requirement per 21" OCP rack equivalent.   This is a difficult conversation to have with systems like Piz Daint that are not in 42U cabinets; any ideas on how to capture the density requirement in a mean to make it applicable to 21" racks appreciated.

3) If there are any vendors on the list considering active 21" OCP compatible RHDX, we're interested to hear from you.


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