Meeting Tomorrow


Hi Everyone

Here is the Agenda for tomorrow's meeting : 

  1. New attendant’s self-introduction

  2. OAM-HPC Renaming vote - Results Announcement

  3. OCP Global Summit Submission review - Lighting talk speaker confirmation

  4. OCP Global Summit - Experience Center opportunity

    1. 3D Model, Build your own Domain Specific HPC configuration. 

  5. Should we submit an abstract for an SC21 BoF? - Submission Closes August 6th

    1. Essentially the same as the Global Summit but with a focussed HPC audience

  6. Discuss how to progress workgroup activities that will contribute to the Lightning Topics covered in the OCP Global Summit Submission.

  7. AOB

Here is a link to what I've submitted to the OCP HPC Summit : 

Here is a link to the meeting calendar with dial in information. 

See you tomorrow




Allan Cantle
Nallasway Inc.
email : a.cantle@...
Cell : 805 377 4993