OCP Global Summit Abstract


Hi Everyone

Today I submitted the following abstract for the OCP Global Summit, copied below. 
It's in the same format as our SC21 Panel session. 

I've not named any panelists yet and, ideally, you would be at the physical event for the panel session, though that is being played by ear right now. 

Can the people who agreed to be on the SC21 panel confirm that they're happy to be on this panel as well or not? Also can anyone who'd be interested in being a panelist for one of the topics let me know?



OCP Global Summit Abstract


Panel Session on OCPs High Performance Computing Module, HPCM - Optimized for Modular, Flexible & Composable Domain Specific HPC.



General Topic of Presentation 


Technical Level 



 The OCP HPC SubProject aims to create a Modular, Flexible and Composable HPC Architecture building blocks for a wide array of Domain Specific HPC Architectural implementations to be easily realized.

The Lightning presentations are 

1) Introduction to the HPCM (High Performance Computing Module)

2) How HPCM flexibly supports requirements for Data Locality of both Memory & Storage with Compute in today's Exascale HPC systems.

3) How HPCM provides Efficient and Flexible Interconnect that can support increasing interconnect speeds over Copper and Optical interconnect

4) How HPCM 's innovative Power Delivery and Thermal Management Cold Plate solution turns traditional approaches on their head.

The Panel session will discuss how challenges around bringing this technology concept to reality are being overcome and will encourage further participation to help the OCP HPC Subproject bring successful POC Demonstrators to fruition.

Social Summary

HPCM - The Open, Modular, Flexible and Composable HPC Architecture of the Future

What should attendees expect to learn?

Attendees will learn how HPC Architectures can be radically optimized for Data Centric Applications while maintaining a high level of Modularity, Flexibility and Composability.  This approach yields highly optimized HPC implementations for Domain Specific Applications. 

Are you available to discuss the topic of this presentation with attending media?


Relevance Criteria (Select all that apply, minimum 1 required to submit) *

The current project community is discussing on-going work streams and you have additional information in support of these work streams and the data is open for discussion and not confidential.

Will you be traveling to the Summit to present live in San Jose?


Relevant Links

https://youtu.be/iNFW8CisPiI?t=860 - OCP HPC - Metrics and Module ideas 

OCP HPC - Metrics and Module Ideas - Slides

https://youtu.be/c0DuGSwDpqY - Decoupling Compute from Memory Storage and IO with OMI



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