OCP HPC Meeting Tomorrow


Hi Everyone

Here is the proposed Agenda for this meeting :


  1. New attendant’s self-introduction

  2. OCP Global Summit - Experience Center opportunity update.

    1. 3D Model, Build your own Domain Specific HPC configuration. 

  3. SC21 BoF Abstract Submission update

  4. Update on Contributions to HPCM Concept progress. 

    1. Molex Topology Cabling investigation

    2. Tormem HPCM Module & E3.S PCBs for 3D Models.

  5. Continue discussion on how to progress workgroup activities that will contribute to the Lightning Topics covered in the OCP Global Summit Submission.

  6. AOB

    1. Presenting HPCM at Google Internal Conference on CXL

Our meeting is at 8am tomorrow 10th August and the GotoMeeting details can be found here

Speak to you all tomorrow. 




Allan Cantle
Nallasway Inc.
email : a.cantle@...
Cell : 805 377 4993