Hardware Fault Management: OCP Sub-Project Call - 1/14/2022

Yogesh Varma


Hardware Fault Management: OCP Sub-Project Call - 1/14/2022

Meeting Date: 1/14/2022 2:00 PM

Location: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/865768677

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In Attendance OCP Hardware Management Project (Meeting Organizer)

In Attendance Michael Schill

In Attendance ocp-hwmgt@ocp-all.groups.io

In Attendance ocp-hwfaultmgt@ocp-all.groups.io

In Attendance helbakoury@...

In Attendance guvenkip@...

In Attendance hasbun.antonio@...

In Attendance Hisatomo Tanaka

In Attendance Drew Walton (Google)

In Attendance Anil Agrawal (Meta)

In Attendance Rama B (Microsoft)

In Attendance Zhengyu (Meta)

In Attendance Mark Fletcher (HPE)

In Attendance jeff.autor@...

In Attendance Leung, John

In Attendance yogesh.yarma@...

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1.     AR Drew Walton to schedule a presentation by Siamak

2.     AR Rama, Zhengyu, Yogesh - to decide and share meeting hosting and notes taking

a.     Post on Google drive

3.     AR Zhengyu - drive a review of the pain-points list and restructure/reorganize to share in 22WW5

4.     AR Rama - Hardware Error Classification (0.5):

a.     AR - Set mile stones for completion

b.     Review interim revisions

c.      Drew to review with Rama

5.     AR Mark - HW Error Classification

a.     Comments:

                                                                                            i.          Classification is basis for untangling events into error types

                                                                                           ii.          Start with the current doc and build on it

b.     Mark got the template and working on it

c.      Review date to be set when suggested by Mark -AR

6.     AR Drew - Fault Management Infrastructure Proposal

a.     Need to review in the forum

b.     22WW4 - move to the template and review

c.      Next - take to each CPU vendors for feedback about intercept (AR Drew)

7.     Template - The template can be found on the "How to Contribute" page - https://www.opencompute.org/contributions/how-to-contribute

8.     Future Agenda:

a.     WW4 - Drew - Fault Management Infrastructure Proposal

b.     WW5 - Zhengyu - scrubbed pain-points list review





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