Re: [OCP-DC-SCM] OCP DC-SCM spec version 0.6(Internet mail)

Eric Shobe

Hi everyone!

This is really good timing.  A couple of procedural topics:
  • We want to review the DC-SCM specification in the HW Management Module sub-group.  I can work with Priya to upload to our twiki space for review. 
  • The HW Management Module sub-group is under the HW Management project, with Hemal and Bob Steven as leads. 
  • Our next meeting invite will be sent out to OCP-DC-SCM and OCP-HWMgt-Module email alias. Targeting mid December. After this we will plan to deprecate the OCP-DC-SCM alias and merge to OCP-HWmgt-Module alias.  Please use the latter!
Let's plan the mid-December meeting to cover spec!


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