Re: DC-SCM2.0 CLA process change

Qian Wang

Hello all,

Thank you all for your patience as we refine this process.


In the May 17th HW Mgmt Module meeting, the process described was that prospective signers could assess their level of contribution and sign the CLA.

However, the OCP process for collaboration requires approval of a candidate for signature before sending the CLA to be signed.


The project lead(s) normally provides the approval.  Intel does not believe it should be the sole gatekeeper and a more open governance model should be used for approval.  However, I will manage the approval request process, please send the joining request to me.  To that end, a core group would approve additional members who could sign the CLA.


The original intent of moving the DC-SCM 2.0 work into OCP was that the original 4 companies wanted to add two more members. But wanted to do so within an IP framework. OCP provided that framework.  The proposal is to

·       Designate these 6 companies as the core group which are approved to sign the CLA.  These are: Microsoft, Google, Intel, DellEMC, HPE and IBM

The core group could be called the TSC - technical steering committee in open-source governance

·       That signed-CLAs from 3 companies is sufficient to establish the core group

·       That the core group approves additional companies to join the core group. The approval is by consensus, until other voting rules are established.

·       That the criteria include the understanding of a company's exact contribution to the DC-SCM 2.0 Spec (already available or planned).


Updates to the specification will be provided on the HWMM monthly calls and on the wiki.  The Tracker sheet will continue to be available for submitting opens.




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