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Steve Roberts

I do not see the ESPI and FSI in the same systems.  So if the implication is to head the, its it ok for discussion.

However, the other observation is the number of dedicated pins for both ESPI and QSPI.  If these are not used concurrently, there are enough pins there to put on a 2nd NCSI as an alternative function.

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Do you see FSI as a replacement for eSPI for different CPUs, or as a compliment to eSPI with both being used concurrently?




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With the CLA signatures coming in and the new DC-SCM v2 pin count, I wanted to jump back to the FSI discussion so we can see that in the PIN list.


Per the proposal, I'm looking for the FSI signals to be listed as alternates on I3C buses 3&4 (A49,A50,A51,A52)

   --- ideally, we'd like that to also list 1.2V with that alternate mapping since ASPEED and FPGAs easily support this





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