DC-SCM2.0 formfactor #poll-notice

Qian Wang

This is a poll request from the 4/19 HWMM meeting for DC-SCM2.0 formfactor.  Please make your selection before 4/26/2021.


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I'm not sure there's significant value in polling for this information at this time.  I think that we need to have this studied in the mechanical workstream and have that workstream make a recommendation.  Any answer given to a form factor poll at this time IMO lacks sufficient data to make a recommendation.  All that I could state personally now is a preference to minimize the size, but until it's studied, I don't know exactly what that means.


Mark A. Shaw

Jayesh Shah

I second this... A summary of the drivers of the module depth will help.  In addition to understanding the implication; my concern is over folks implementing Gen1 DC-SCM and making chassis changes for Gen1 will need to make chassis tooling changes again for Gen2