OCP Hardware Management Project: Resiliency at Scale Workshop

Kali Burdette

hw workshop.PNG
Join us Tuesday, July 20 for the OCP Hardware Management Project: Resiliency at Scale Workshop - Presented by Facebook
In general, resiliency is an afterthought. Our goal is to change this paradigm and help organizations see the value of thinking & building resiliency in requirements, architecture & design. The goal for this workshop is:
  • to define what resiliency means to OCP (both HW and SW) - the technical aspects and its impact
  • to understand the challenges, the myths and possible opportunities
  • to hear about resilient solution design from industry leaders
  • to share some cutting edge examples
  • to demonstrate the importance of resiliency in an open source community like OCP

Kali Burdette, CMP
Open Compute Project Foundation
Event Manager
Office: Lexington, KY (EST)

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