2021 OCP Global Summit Experience Center NIC station demo opportunity

Damien Weng Kong Chong

Hi OCP NIC sub-group members,


There is an opportunity for us to participate in OCP Global Summit Experience Center this year. It would be both an in-person and online Hybrid demo.

Broadcom will lead our sub-group for preparation.


This year there is a little difference whereby the demo material has to meet acceptance criteria below.

Attached is the guidance provided by FNtech/OCP to us in your want to know more.


Please reach out to us to signal your interest so we can include you in the preparation sync meeting.


If you have interest for demo but have trouble meeting the criteria below, do reach out too as I would like to capture your feedbacks.





Acceptance Criteria:

1. Your product (Hardware platform) is based on an approved specification (listed in the Contribution Database)and is present in the OCP Marketplace

2. Software stack or reference architecture must be based on OCP solutions (OCP recognized products, Integrated Solutions or Circular Economy


3. Software demo'd on OCP recognized products must be listed in OCP Github

4. Participating companies must be sponsors of any kind for the global summit.



Damien Chong

Facebook | Infrastructure | Technical Lead Manager | Email: dchong@... | Tel: +1 650 250 6582


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