FW: [OCP-Mezz] OCP NIC Working Session July/August 2020 #poll-notice

Damien Weng Kong Chong

The original pole email was sent on 7/21.


Forwarding using OCP mail and also regular email.

Please vote by 7/28 (tomorrow)


All days are pretty close except no-one vote for August 5th (Wednesday) 😊

I hope you all still coming for our monthly meeting on that day as we going to talk about OCP Tech Week planning.




Damien Chong

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A new poll has been created:

Let's try to pick a date for our next half day virtual meet-up. Select all possible dates for you.
Let's do it recurring monthly for a few months based on the day selected from this poll. 
The session is preferred to be held in morning PST and not Friday due to attendee feedback.

On agenda:
Mechanical compliance fixture 
Cost reduction discussion
12V_Edge during ID mode (if we didn't close by then)

Sideband compliance activity
FRU register compliance activity
LED brightness methodology update
Taller SFF

1. July 29 (Wednesday)
2. July 30 (Thursday)
3. August 3 (Monday)
4. August 4 (Tuesday)
5. August 5 (Wednesday) - Monthly NIC meeting
6. August 6 (Thursday)
7. August 10 (Monday)
8. August 11 (Tuesday)

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