March'2021 OCP NIC form factor survey

Damien Weng Kong Chong

Hello OCP NIC sub-group and OCP Server working group members,


OCP NIC sub-group is looking for some feedback regarding form factors.

Please help to response to an OCP NIC survey regarding form factors thru link below


Appreciate if you and your organization can response by 22 March, 2021.



Thanks in advance!




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OCP NIC sub-group invited you to fill out a survey

March'2021 OCP NIC form factor survey

The OCP NIC 3.0 specification has reached the rev 1v1 milestone.

While we scale well on PCIe & serdes speeds, on some systems, we start to see cooling challenges when operating at high performance configuration 200G+(200G, 400G). Adoption of LFF to handle cooling challenges remains low from past survey and/or offline conversations.
OSFP-RHS is another pluggable form factor which is gaining popularity that would be good to be supported by NIC3.0

Thermal & mechanical form factor studies were shared during our monthly meetings, working sessions and 2020 OCP Tech Week.

The latest compiled summary is located in March'21 Monthly Meeting call.

The recommendation is to add specification of Tall Small Form Factor (TSFF) with 17.8mm height into OCP NIC3.0.

We would like your feedback to craft this together.

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