Re: SONiC community meeting 4/18 - agenda and meeting notes

Xin Liu (CLOUD)

Here is the OCP call MoM 04/16/2019. Thanks to Madhu who took the notes.


Topics Discussed :

 ZTP Feature Proposal - Broadcom (Rajendra)

Discussed on ZTP flexible and customizable framework for SONiC. We did discussed on the previous PR#281 concerns and solutions for it. 



  • For ZTP in-band service, does switch mode L3 is mandatory?  Not necessarily, you can run either l2 mode or l3 mode (for l2 mode, to avoid flooding the dhcp discovery by configuring unique vlan configured on each front panel port)
  • Does ZTP use special SAI API? No. ztp service make use of config_db.json and add ztp_preset config (ports/metadata etc)on top of it.  Ex: port tables creates netdev in sonic kernel.
  • if ZTP found the sku is different from config ? how does it fetch ?- Information fetch from platform directories.
  • For inband-ztp, does it need to enable ztp service on all ports ?  yes, to know the dhcp server  
  • How does ztp proposal encryption works? Keys generated by User and stored one set in the switch build, other stored in server side, ztp service validates it. 
  • Can ZTP inband disabled for security reasons ? yes, it's recommend on management/out of bound interface, you can enable inband only when we have greater control over network. 
  • Why not ZTP service follow python 3? Broadcom team will come back on it. [using py2.7 has wide lib support]
  • Does ZTP service needs order or does it blocks any services during its execution ? No, currently start after database service  and not block other service.
  • What are the error scenarios where we might run ZTP? ex: no config_db.json present, 
  • How does  ztp service know which version is running? Community suggested version field as part  switch identifier
  • Does this proposal have any fall back mechanism? yes,  user could extend his logic using this framework 
  • Does current ZTP proposal provides pre-conditions to run/re-run ZTP service ? yes - use could define the workflow 
  • Is the proposal provides error visibility to user ? yes - success/failure to the user who runs the ztp service 
  • How ZTP service available to the user ? Is it dockers ? no available natively 
  • How does the ZTP feature availability to SONiC? In  phase 1 & phase 2 


Action Items on Broadcom

  • Community requested the Broadcom to describe ztp service other services 
  • Community request more details on Inband-ZTP to the proposal 
  • When does sonic ztp encryption available Sonic ? Phase 2 


  • Checkout OCP upcoming events for tech days.
  • OCP tech days in May & June Nation wideTaiwan May 30th June 25th Beizing & June 27th - Japan 
  • 2019 Apr & Aug release - release planning and reviewing user requirements/proposals till end of April 







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Add a SONiC community  session this week.

2nd iteration on ZTP (Zero Touch Deployment) discussion.




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