Re: SONiC community meeting agenda for 4/9/2019 - meeting notes

Xin Liu (CLOUD)


Here is the OCP call MoM 04/09/2019. Thanks to  Madhu who took the notes.


Topics Discussed :

 SONiC test frame work enhancement
 SONiC 201904 release update



SONiC test frame work enhancement - Gouhan Lu


  • Discussed different kinds of sonic testing strategies such as system tests, integration tests, virtual platform test and unit tests. 
  • Current ansible framework pros & cons
  • Importance of ptf & programming necessity (ex : python)
  • Introduced pytest-ansible new test framework


  • How does new pytest-ansible framework collect the screen output? is it screen scrapping ? No, all are the python data objects.
  • Does DUT backend changed with pytest-ansible? No, in simple terms, we are replacing playbooks with pytest/python modules.
  • How to install pytest-ansible ? with `pip install pytetst-ansible`
  • For new tests,  do we need to swap all EOS vms to SONiC vms ? No
  • Why do we need pytest-ansible ? To wrote complex tests and remote node tests
  • Does mock test /skip tests support with pytest-ansible? certainly, these are pytest features (not yet spend time, need to investigate)
  • Use-cases for pytest-ansible such as where to use?  Ex: Nightly/PR test 
  • Is there any change in bringingup topology/ DUT and configurations?  No
  • Is pytest-ansible iavailable at GitHub? need to add pytest-ansible module to sonic-mgmt.
  • What is the plan to convert existing tests - ? need to discuss need volunteers to convert it new framework
  • Does this new framework support only new release or all the existing releases - for now new releases, need to discuss how to convert every old release.


SONiC 201904 release update - Xin Liu

Discussed the release plan and where we are at.

Few Call-Outs:

  • syncd docker is not available for stretch
  • RDMA pushed off next release
  • Redis multiple DB complete feature may not available to the apr release - Jipan 



  • Is dynamic media tuning is same as transceiver tuning? yes
  • Community asking links to PR/HLD from roadmap page? yes Xin will update, as it is more work need community help[Caller 05].
  • Is the HLD ready by 04/30/2019 ? Xin will add the link 
  • Is the feartures in code review (CR) released soon or takes time? CR means on track
  • redis multiple db feature code review - Broadcom 
  • trancevier perf tuning code review - someone from community accepted [Caller 05]
  • BGP-EVPN code review support [Nikos]
  • when does 04/30 release stabilize ? depends on  SAI support form different vendor ex:  everflow/feature readiness. Hoping feature complete by 04/15 and work on stabilize and on track for 04/30.


Other /Future plans 

  • ZTP design - Broadcom - next week before apr release 
  • SONiC QUALITY work groups - (5-6 members) - quality/coverage/design improvements test part 








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In tomorrow’s SONiC community meeting, we are going to talk about

- SONiC test frame work enhancement

- SONiC 201904 release update


The meeting invite is in the attachment, please save it to your calendar.





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