Meeting Minutes [Re: SAI community meeting agenda - 8/1/2019]

Jai Kumar <jai.kumar@...>

  • SAI NAT Pipeline review closed
    • Rita has some questions which are being discussed offline
  • Github review comments have been handled
    • Use of object ID for zone ID – Zone ID will be used as a simple uint_8 for SAI API which is a translation managed by NAT application from the zone name space in schema as it is not rich enough to warrant an object.
  • Use of generic counter infra – This infra structure is not yet developed in SONiC and/or SAI. Given the timelines and resources there is no plan to implement this infra in the current release. NAT will use the legacy stats infra
    • CRM attributes in switch – New SNAT/DNAT/DOUBLE_NAT entry attribute in switch have been added to monitor the table full condition. This is again a legacy implementation as the new CRM object API infa is not implemented. – Guohan/Rita to help decide if NAT app should migrate to new CRM object API.
  • All the conflicts have been resolved in the PR.


PR937 is ready to be merged.





From: "Xin Liu (CLOUD)" <xinxliu@...>
Date: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 7:11 PM
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Cc: Jai Kumar <jai.kumar@...>, Michael Schill <michael@...>, Rita Hui <Rita.Hui@...>
Subject: SAI community meeting agenda - 8/1/2019



In tomorrow’s SAI community meeting, we will discuss NAT.

  • Review SAI NAT pipeline
  • Review CRM attributes for SNAT/DNAT/DOUBLE_NAT


Meeting invitation attached.