minutes 03/13/20 , 03/20/20

Bapi Vinnakota

Missed sending out last week's minutes.

Minutes 03/13/20:
  1. Agenda for next weeks lined up
  2. Great presentation from PoC HW group
    1. HW/Pchiplets with blinking lights! 
    2. A form final baseboard with pchiplets from nxp, lattice an ocp nic3.0 adapter with a broadcom nic
    3. On track for a final manufacturing complete by June.
    4. We're formulating an assembly plan to make the PoC available.
    5. If you're interested in purchasing a PoC dev kit or making a Pchiplet, please contact JP or Bapi
Minutes 03/20/20
  1. Start of our company ODSA intro
    1. Ilker Cebeli from Samsung started the sequence. Good intro to Samsung's interests
    2. Eelco Bergman from ASE 03/27, Sean Harvey from Supermicro 4/3
  2. Two new joins from Socionext and Samsung
  3. Plans continue for May 2020 virtual summit
    1. Several specs in flight (BoW, PIPE, LPIF, PoC)
    2. All the talks/panels planned for the Global Summit will be carried over

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