ODSA minutes 03/27/20

Bapi Vinnakota

  1. Presentation from Jia Ning on the OCP modularization initiative.
    1. Aim to get module information disseminated across OCP - as an example ODSA PoC leveraging
      OCP NIC 3.0
  2. Great presentation from Eelco Bergman of ASE on packaging and working with the ODSA
    1. Comprehensive overview of the different types of multi-device packaging options and trade-offs.
      Well worth your time.
    2. Call to Action: Virtual prototyping of PoC for packaging using BoW footprint standardization in the CDX group
  3. OCP virtual summit plans
    1. Lightning talk lineup confirmed
    2. Aiming to record our two panels on GTM with a live audience (please show up!)
    3. We will try to use our Friday slots.

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