ODSA minutes 04/03/20

Bapi Vinnakota

Packed meeting.


  1. Virtual summit update
    1. Register!
    2. Workflow panel: Friday 4/10 in the weekly ODSA slot. Rita to moderate. Be there!
    3. PHY panel: working to find a slot.
    4. Lightning talk session instructions in the minutes - 10 companies confirmed - Achronix, ASE, Ayar, CDX, IBM, IEEE HIR, Lattice, NXP, Samsung, Synopsys
  2. Supermicro (thanks)
    1. Overview of Supermicro and efforts with OCP
    2. Case studies referenced in the talk -
      1. https://www.supermicro.com/CaseStudies/CaseStudy_Fortune100.pdf
      2. https://www.supermicro.com/white_paper/white_paper_MicroBlade.pdf


    3. Please contact Sean Harvey for more(contact info in the minutes)
  3. Workflow PoC
    1. To be presented in Bill Carter's talk
    2. Discussed a converged node application - high performance bare metal VMs with NVMeoF storage offloaded
    3. Good discussion on use cases, schedule
    4. Call to action: please provide feedback, participate!

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