ONIE Quarterly Release 2020-02 is now available

Alex Doyle

Hi everyone.
 The 2020-02 ONIE release is now available, which means I'll be processing pull requests, with the expectation that new machine adds will get processed faster than functional changes, given that the former just have to build whereas the latter require a bit more thought and testing.

The 2020-02 branch:

Release notes follow, and thank you for your contributions!

-Alex Doyle
ONIE Project Lead

2020.02 Public Release  
New Hardware Platforms  
788efa3a Accton MiniPack
79888672 Accton ASGvOLT64  
c513841a Accton AS4222_28PE
eb79eb43 Accton AS9716_32D  
7f4fa123 Accton AS7916_80XK
92f02810 Alpha Networks SNJ-61D0-320F  
3b0b756d Lenovo NE2580  
3b0b756d Lenovo NE1064T
06df9b80 Pegatron common_rgl
d90634e3 Stordis bf2556x_1t
eac14fa7 WNC RSEB_W1_32: add to support ONIE
Build and Release / Improvements
This release was produced using the ONIE Docker build  
container configuration generated using Dedicated User  
Environment (DUE) version 1.0.1
Instructions and source for replicating this ONIE build
environment are available at:  
Bug Fixes / Improvements
2b4bf5dd Accton AS5916_54XM: revise to support EEPROM at 0x57  
8cb47870 Alphanetworks stx60d0_062f: Remove the iso-grub-machine-complete  
   stamp to keep --no-ebda option for non-efi platforms
6f44f3fa Juniper qfx5210: Added platform uninstall hook
b968b119 Remove year from LSB_RELEASE_TAG to avoid Y2.02K bug  
80458b9a UBIFS Support for Local Filesystems

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