ONIE Quarterly Release 2019-08 is now available

Alex Doyle

Hi everyone.
 The 2019-08 ONIE release is now available, which means I'll be processing pull requests, with the expectation that new machine adds will get processed faster than functional changes, given that the former just have to build whereas the latter require a bit more thought and testing.

The 2019-08 branch:

Release notes follow, and thank you for your contributions!

-Alex Doyle, ONIE Project Lead

2019.08 Public Release

New Hardware Platforms
aea024b Accton AS4620_54PE: add to support ONIE
b8109cd Accton AS5816_54X_TD2: add to support ONIE
18d1791 Accton AS5916_54XL: add to support ONIE
c811db2 Accton AS7112_54X: add to support ONIE
db1bcbb Accton AS7326_56X: add to support ONIE
7ef6478 Accton AS7316_26XB: add to support ONIE
210b4cd Accton AS7715_32X: add to support ONIE
86bb3f6 Accton AS7916_54XK: add to support ONIE
f999dc8 Add Alpha Networks SNX62B0-486T.
5f0fcee Inventec D6356: add to support ONIE
00c53f1 Inventec D10056: add to support ONIE
292bb94 Add support for QuantaMesh Atom C3000 series(Denverton) with BMC CPU board
7a4bdaa Add new barefoot based Netberg Aurora 750

Build and Release / Improvements

Bugs Fixes / Improvements
d226361 Accton AS5812_54X: support to install on mSATA SSD
ee40852 Accton AS6812_32X: support to install on mSATA SSD
b09716a Accton AS5916_54XK: revise to support EEPROM at 0x57
55a82c6 Accton AS5916_54XKS: disable IPMI watchdog when booting to ONIE
57b6149 Accton AS5916_54XKS: revise to support EEPROM at 0x57
ee66463 Accton AS5916_54XKS: allow AS5916_54XKSB to update ONIE
b2e3047 Accton AS5916_54XKS: enable to support IPMI features
b48fb83 Use fakeroot when generating the ONIE tools tarball and installer images
6ca86f9 Fix "make clean" for gnu-efi, pesign and shim