OCP Data Center Facilities Group: Yemen Opportunity

Michael Schill

Hi Everyone - we have been approached by a company in the Republic of Yemen to help with the design aspects of a project to construct an OCP optimised data center.  This would include 2 areas:

  • Design and Consulting – assist with the creation of the design and specification and being the expert advisors to the local civil engineers (who would be skilled engineers but lacking the experience of building data centers).  The aim of the design would be that the data center achieves recognition as an OCP Ready™ facility. The MEP design services would include providing the design and specification for the sub-systems in all technical spaces, including the IT technical space (white space) e.g. electrical, cooling, air containment, cabling, pathways, security etc.
  • Operations and Maintenance Training - ensure the DC operations teams are prepared so when the site goes live the local team can operate and maintain the facility effectively.

Key objective - they reached out to the OCP foundation to see if we have people in our Community who would be interested in helping ensure efficient open designs for OCP are deployed (and to avoid over-engineering the facility by using just hardware redundancy for resilience).

Notethis is not meant as a volunteer effort.  As roles and responsibilities are defined it is likely members would enter into a fee based consultancy agreement with the company for their services (independent of any OCP involvement).  OCP is merely to facilitate potential resources.


For those interested please reach out to Steve Helvie and/or Mark Dansie for additional details.


Steve Helvie (steve@...)

Mark Dansie (mark.dansie@...)

Michael Schill
Community & IT Manager
Open Compute Project (OCP)
Cell/WhatsApp: (828) 674-6806
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