OCP Global Summit Cooling Track - Harmonizing best practices in rack based liquid cooling integration and logistics, coupling & hoses, leak detection

Don Mitchell <Don.Mitchell@...>

Summary – Global Summit Cooling Track discussions and related WPs would benefit from ACS review and cross project harmonization

Request review of attached papers with perspective of how we can present and cross reference this guidance across all three sub projects and ACF:


  • OCP Liquid Cooling Integration and Logistics; OCP Manual Couplings & Hoses; Leak Detection and Intervention – highlights cold plate solutions. 
    • Revision for Holistic Benefit - Can these documents be expanded or copied/edited/re-issued  to provide guidance for Rack-based immersion, doorHX
    • Global Summit Presentations – Request that presentation at Global Summit (around existing WPs) be inclusive in commentary.
  • ACF workstream review request input needed by 20 Sept:  Request ACS leadership review
  • Key ACF Review Action points – request of ACS leadership:

    • Approval of ACF recommendation for standardization of FWS connection methods to be considered “OCP Ready”:  Metric Thread for 1”, 1.25” connections; Couplings/Flanges for connections 2” and over  (propose this to be a Desired + Level recommendation, with expectation to become a standard within 2 years)
    • Approval of ACF requirement that vendors make BIM content available to be considered “OCP Ready”  - immediate recommendation


    Please advise availability/interest for a review discussions


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    Don Mitchell

    John Menoche, P.E.


    Subproject Co-Leads for Advanced Cooling - Facilities


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Hi Don.


Plse see attached.


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Nigel – not able to find your paper on the OCP page.  Can you send



Kind Regards


Don Mitchell


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