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Jason Adrian

Paul and the wider list,
We've got ~6 presentations/panels lined up thus far. We want this to be similar to the F2F meetings we used to hold every few months. Right now, we've got focused presentations on E1.S, some HDD topics, potentially NVMe HDD, and a few systems. If you have something you think fits in the mold for engagement in this group, please let us know. The best topics are those that are ones that we can engage others on the list, spark new ideas, and have some healthy debate. See areas we don't cover but should? Great, reach out to Dave and I. 

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Hi Jason,


Is there a blurb on “tech week” that sheds context on attendees, scope, nature of, etc – you can point me too. 




P.S. it sounds like “Fleet Week”😊

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Hi all,

We've gotten a few great talks based on this topic, so I wanted to bump it one more time in case anyone else has something to bring to the tech week for November. 




On Tue, Aug 18, 2020 at 1:13 PM Jason Adrian via <> wrote:

Hi all,

With the E1.S 15mm form factor coming out of the work we did here in OCP, I would like to ask if anyone is interested in a slot in the tech week to highlight how E1.S is being used in your system. Some ideas to consider:

- How did you utilize E1.S in your system?

- Did 15mm E1.S enable better thermal design, performance, or TCO?

- Do you have an upcoming system that leverages E1.S that you are planning to contribute to OCP?

- If you are an SSD vendor, did E1.S 15mm open up any new use cases or designs? 


Please reach out to me directly if you have some ideas or would like to present. 




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