Agenda for 2/14/2019 Storage call

Jason Adrian

Hi all,
We have one topic for tomorrows monthly call. This will be the last call before the summit in March. Hope to see you all next month in San Jose!

Tomorrows presentation will be by Western Digital around composable architectures and hardware platforms that they will be opening specs and design details around. See the abstract below. 



Western Digital will be proposing submission of an API specification and mechanical design for Fabric Attached Devices.  The mechanical design enables development of disaggregated compute, FPGA, GPU, memory, disk storage, and flash storage devices for open composable architectures.  It is the design used in WDC’s announced F3000 product. 



The API specification defines the REST communication interface to these composable devices.  The API therefore enables composition of these disaggregated hardware devices into virtual systems.