HDD Vibration Meeting for Thursday August 26 2021

Matt Shumway

Thursday August 26 at 4PM PST

  1. Call for demonstration results from the acoustic surrogate for the OCP Global Summit
  2. Complementary to our published paper, the team was working to publish the associated CAD, and Matt and Archna are still working through that, so I suspect Matt can give an update.
  3. Relevant vibration parameters – in last meeting Cathy had presented, and although I had offered to present this time, obviously I will be out, but others may have additional HDD Dynamics vibration data to discuss
  4. Timeline, milestones, and desired outcome of Phase 2 of OCP HDD Dynamics on vibration surrogate – it probably makes sense to clearly define these so we align upfront on expectations rather than, as occurred with the HDD Dynamics acoustical paper, found ourselves asking the questions as we were completing

Matt Shumway
Storage Project IC Representative