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Michael Schill

The Open Compute Project (OCP) recently launched the Future Technology Initiative to explore future memory hierarchies for servers defined as “Software Defined Memory”.

Software-Defined Memory (SDM) is an emerging architecture paradigm that provides software abstraction between applications and underlying memory resources with dynamic memory provisioning to achieve the desired SLA. With the emergence of newer memory technologies and faster interconnects, it is possible to optimize memory resources deployed in cloud infrastructure while achieving the best possible TCO (total cost of ownership).

We are reaching out to you to collect industry trends and requirements for memory needs in your infrastructure. 

Please click the link below to take a brief survey. Your answers will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone. We will only report the results in aggregate and will share the results of this survey in a detailed white paper.

Michael Schill
Community & IT Manager
Open Compute Project (OCP)
Cell/WhatsApp: (828) 674-6806
Wechat ID: MichaelSchill

The Call for Papers has started for the 2021 OCP Global Summit and is open until July 23rd! Click here for more details. ARE YOU READY FOR OPEN POSSIBILITIES? #OCPGLO21 #OCPOpenPossibilities #OCPopenforall