OCP Storage Profiles Presentation for 9/12/19 Meeting

Richelle Ahlvers

Greetings all,


Here is the presentation for today’s OCP Storage call.  I will likely be going through the material fairly quickly, so for anyone who would like to review offline or ahead of time, here you go.  


Richelle Ahlvers

Storage Management Software Architect

Broadcom Inc.



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Hi all,

The agenda for this month’s call, which is on Thursday, is as follows:


1) Open Composable Sub-Group - acceptance of the Open Composable specification and discussion on possible sub-group to continue development


2) Swordfish profiles overview:

OCP’s platform and server groups have defined standards-based interop profiles using the DMTF’s REST-based Redfish Specification.  SNIA has the Swordfish Specification which extends the Redfish Specification to manage storage, and has also developed a set of feature-based profiles.  Richelle Ahlvers, the Chair of the SNIA SSM TWG, which has developed the Swordfish Spec, schema and profiles, will present an overview of SNIA, the Swordfish profiles, and a proposal to leverage these directly to develop an interoperability profile set for OCP Storage.


3) Discussion for next storage F2F in October.