Slides on OCP Profiles for today's project meeting

Leung, John

Richelle asked me to set the context for her Swordfish profile presentation.


Attached are a couple of slides to provide the background.  I can cover questions at the beginning for her presentation.



John Leung

Member of the OCP Incubation Committee


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Sent: Tuesday, September 10, 2019 8:24 AM
Subject: [OCP-Storage] Agenda for September 12 monthly storage call


Hi all,

The agenda for this months call, which is on Thursday, is as follows:


1) Open Composable Sub-Group - acceptance of the Open Composable specification and discussion on possible sub-group to continue development


2) Swordfish profiles overview:

OCP’s platform and server groups have defined standards-based interop profiles using the DMTF’s REST-based Redfish Specification.  SNIA has the Swordfish Specification which extends the Redfish Specification to manage storage, and has also developed a set of feature-based profiles.  Richelle Ahlvers, the Chair of the SNIA SSM TWG, which has developed the Swordfish Spec, schema and profiles, will present an overview of SNIA, the Swordfish profiles, and a proposal to leverage these directly to develop an interoperability profile set for OCP Storage.


3) Discussion for next storage F2F in October.