Windows Driver for the Time Card

Ahmad Byagowi

Hello folks,



As most of you know, we have been working on a PCIe card (Time Card) that hold an atomic clock and a GPS receiver. The card is provide accurate time back by the atomic clock for various time sensitive applications such as NTP and PTP servers.

We have the Linux driver written for it by Jonathan Lemon and the driver is now part of the Linux Kernel 5.6+.

As an expansion to the card's compatibility, I am looking for the development of a Windows driver for it. The card connects via an FPGA to the PCIe bus and uses the Xilinx Memory controller. In addition two serial ports (one for the atomic clock and one for the GPS), an I2C bus (e bunch of environmental sensors) and some memory addresses to report accurate and time stampings of external events.

Please let me know if you are interest to collaborate on this project.

As a reward, I can give you a Time Card that I hand assembled myself (hand assembled a bunch, but soon we will have mass production).

For more info please check and/or reach out to me.