Telco OCP Project meeting agenda for 01 Oct 2020 meeting

Hokkanen, Marko (Nokia - US/Dallas) <marko.hokkanen@...>



Agenda for Telco OCP Project meeting on 01 Oct 2020:

  • Telco/Edge Tech Day 12 Nov
    • Schedule
    • Agenda
    • Presentations
  • Open Distributed Infrastructure Management (ODIM) presentation from The Linux Foundation
    • ODIM is an incubation project within the Linux Foundation
  • Any Other Items


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Marko Hokkanen

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John Leung <john.leung@...>

Thank you for the ODIM presentation slot.  Unfortunately, the speaker has a last minute issue which prevents him from presenting today.  The ODIM technical steering committee would like to postpone the presentation to next month.