OCP Circularity Workstream update

Fahmida Bangert

Hello all,


Hope you had a peaceful weekend. 


A few reminders:


  • NO workstream call tomorrow to make room for work/coordination on Guidelines/How-to guides.
  • The monthly OCP Sustainability call is on at 10 AM PST with two guest speaker teams (TCO Certified and Capital Equipment Coalition)
  • Our master directory: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xXeT84SV_SBTMdYEWN5uwC_8Orypy6VM?usp=sharing.  Thanks to John for organizing this and thanks to those already using it. 
    • The folder has out most recent PPT deck and meeting notes
    • One directory further under “How To Guides”, in particular if you look at End of First Life folder, we are building out our first guide, this one is furthest along.
  • How-to Guideline Work teams based on your input so far:
    • Design - Frances, Kari, Thorge, Udit, Carole-Jean
    • Raw Materials –Frances, Stani
    • Manufacturing – John, Tim, Thorge 
    • Use – Mohan, Jordan, Udi, Carole-Jean
    • End of Life/Reuse – Fahmida, John, Vish (Kesava),
    • Please make sure you are helping author at least 1 guide as a workstream member.


Fahmida and John


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Hello all,


Can you kindly let me know if you have access to our Circularity team folder structure, and if not, please request access by clicking on the link? 


You should see the structure below:


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In particular:


  • The Word document is our running meeting notes.
  • The PPT document is the most recent content that Fahmida shared during our August 25th call.


For the next month, we discussed advancing our content on ‘How to Guides’ by phase.  We’d like to propose the ownership below, let Fahmida and I know of any adjustments you would like:


  1. Design - Bobbie, Frances, Kari, Thorge, Tiffany (maternity), Udit
  2. Raw Materials – Kari (criticality assessment), Frances, Stani
  3. Manufacturing – John, Tim, Thorge 
  4. Use – Mohan, Jordan, Udit 
  5. End of Life/Reuse – Vish (Kesava), Mohan, Fahmida, Josh, George

As your work progresses, kindly deposit your document “How To Guides” directory illustrated above.  Please feel free to leverage the initial draft that Vish, Fahmida and I began for the End of First Life phase.

Our plan is to reconvene on September 22 to begin reviewing our work.  This will track us to develop a comprehensive set of guides that we can land during the OCP Nov 9/10 Global Summit.

Please reach out to Fahmida or I if we can help facilitate in any way, or answer questions. 


Thank you,



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