OCP Lifecycle Workstream - Materials from last call and upcoming next steps

Miranda, John S

Hello all,


Attached, and also linked here, please find an updated deck for our Lifecycle workstream.  As we move towards Nov 9/10, we will build out intermediate level ‘how to’ collateral for each of the 5 stages of Lifecycle that we aligned to (Design, Source, Make, Use, End of First Life).  Please see pages 21-22 for more details.  For our next session on August 11th at 8am PST, we will review and adjust this template, and ask the team to help build out this next level of content that will provide OCP members greater clarity around data center component lifecycle considerations. 


Also, attached, and linked here, please find Arvind S’s presentation that he gave to our group in our last session, outlining his systems-level work on optimizing future PC platform lifecycle.  While Arvind’s focus was on the PC, many ideas and his methodology is generalizable to data center devices (routers, switches, servers, etc), many of which have CPU’s PCBs, storage, power delivery, chassis, etc.


Please take a few minutes to think through this next level of collateral in advance of our August 11th call.


Finally thank you for the terrific level of abstract submission that further raises the profile of Sustainability in lead up to November’s global summit.


Many thanks in advance,


John & Fahmida