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Phillips, Veronica

Hi Peter,


I think you mean the Distributed Disaggregated Core, right?  I don’t want to assume that is the only DDC….but if that is the right one that the Telco group has that.


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What group/team takes care of the DDC initiative?




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Subject: [OCP-All] OCP Project Lead Election News!


OCP’s Project community is run by volunteers and we are always grateful to those that have spent their valuable time and energy to make our community a success.  Some of these Project Leaderships have grown a small incubation concept to solutions that involve multiple work streams and have garnered support from multiple companies.  Some have grown their community from a few engineers to hundreds of engineers on one call. This type of collaboration requires months of effort and patience but also a passion for teamwork and open solutions. We want to thank all those that have helped OCP become the go-to place for collaboration and open hardware/embedded software solutions. We appreciate all those leaders that are moving on to different roles and sincerely hope that our paths will cross again.


For the first time in the history of OCP, we are very excited to announce that there will be no elections for our Project Leads. We sent out a "Call for Nominations" for candidates on June 12th. What followed over the course of the past two weeks has been a stunning display for collaboration and teamwork.  Here are our Volunteer Leaders for Project and SubProjects - all running uncontested by unanimous demand. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating this amazing team of volunteers at OCP! These are effective Aug 1st after a brief transition period.


If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out.


Project Name

Project Leadership

Data Center Facility

Rob Coyle (PCX)

Anand Ramesh (Google)

Hardware Management

Hemal Shah (Broadcom)

Bob Stevens (Dell)


Omar Baldonado (Facebook)

Roopa Prabhu (Cumulus/NVidia)

Open System Firmware

Ryan O’Leary (Google)

Anjaneya “Reddy” Chagam (Intel)

Rack and Power

Hamid Keyhani (Facebook)

Caleb Lusk (Rittal)


Bryan Kelly (Microsoft)

Nate Klein (Google)


John Stuewe (Dell)

Siamak Tavallaei (Microsoft)


Jason Adrian (Microsoft)

Dave Landsman (WD)


Marco Hokkanen (Nokia)

Loren Staley (Edgecore)




Sub-Project Leadership (appointed/voted in)

Data Center Facility

Modular Data Center  - pending vote

Bob Oliver (SE)

Critical Facility Operations (incubation mode)

Goran Svensson (Coromatic)

ACS-DCF (Bridge) pending vote

Don Mitchell (Victaulic)

Hardware Mgmt


Han Wang (Inspur)

RunBMC (incubation mode)

Jared Mednick (Dropbox)

Eric Shobe (Dropbox)

HW Fault Mgmt (incubation mode) - pending vote

Zhengyu Yang (Facebook)

Anil Agarwal (Intel)



Alex Doyle (Cumulus/Nvidia)


Xin Liu


Xin Liu

Rack & Power

ACS Immersion

Rolf Brink (Asperitas)

ACS Cold Plate

Mike Berktold

ACS Door Heat Exchange

Jacob Na



Bapi Vinnikota (Broadcom)


Whitney Zhao (Facebook)

Tianyi Gao (Baidu)


Damien Chong Kong (Facebook)

HPC (incubation)

Seth Sethapong (RAX) returning

Steven Roberts (IBM) exiting

Allan Cantle (Molex) interim



Jason Adrian (acting)



Mike Moore (Nokia)






Archna Haylock

Community Director

Open Compute Project

Cell: 408-921-9050

WhatsApp: Archna Haylock  ||  WeChat: archnahaylock  ||  Twitter: @ArchnaOCP

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