Updates to OCP's Process and Volunteer Leadership

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Dear OCP Community

OCP is excited to announce some great changes. The OCP Foundation, along with our Incubation Committee (IC) and our Volunteer Leadership, has been working overtime to update some key documents. We wanted to inform you of these changes as they will impact future specification contributions and OCP product recognition program requirements. There are 2 changes that we wanted to inform you about - one on process and one on our volunteer leadership. All of these are reflected on our website as of today but will be effective on July 7th.

Process Changes:

  • Legal - Changes were made to some of our process/legal documents to address the growing demands of our community and the complex contributions by multiple parties. Redlines for these can be made available upon request.

    • OCP Governance effective July 7, 2021

      • Added General Behavior within the OCP Community, including OCP Pledge and OCP Code of Conduct

      • Added Process info for Contribution Development and Final Contribution Submission

      • Updated Software Projects Section 

      • Updated the Volunteer Leadership requirements

    • Minor change to the Open Web Foundation (OWF) Contribution License Agreement to provide clarity and reduce confusion

      • Clarity to Sec 3.2 - added “non-exclusive”

      • Clarity to Sec 10.5 - “Granted Claims” definition

      • Added clarity around Specification

        • Requirements and objectives

        • What is in scope

        • What is not in scope

    • Minor change to the Open Web Foundation (OWFa) Final Specification Agreement

      • Clarity to Sec 8.4 “Granted Claims” definition to coincide with the CLA.

  • 2021 Specification Template effective July 7, 2021

    • Changes were made to the Specification Template to adhere to the OCP Strategic Initiatives as decided by the IC around security, firmware and hardware management.  

    • All contributors must fill out Appendix A in the 2021 Specification Template prior to presenting to the IC for approval.

  • 2021 Supplier Requirements effective July 7, 2021

    • All Suppliers seeking any OCP product recognition must fill out Appendix B of the 2021 Specification Template upon which their product is based. 

    • All  Suppliers must also fill out the 2021 Supplier Requirements for their products. 

    • OCP Inspired™ products must have the Hardware Management and Security tabs filled out. 

    • OCP Accepted™ products must have all the tabs filled out, in addition to the design package submission and firmware/bmc source code in the OCP Github.

Volunteer Leadership Changes 

  • Departures:  We know that jobs change and responsibilities change.  In the past year, we have had a few changes to our leadership and we wanted to take a moment to thank those that have spent their precious time and energy with our Community. They have grown and scaled our Projects/Sub-Projects globally, shepherding contributions and hosting calls/workshops/events. A special shout out to the following Volunteer Leaders:

    • Rob Coyle (PCX -> Distech Controls)

    • Brevan Reyher (Rackspace -> EYP Mission Critical Facilities)

    • Anand Ramesh (Google)

    • Jacob Na (Facebook)

    • Mike Berktold (Intel)

    • Mike Moore (Nokia -> Dell)

    • Siamak Tavallaei (MSFT -> Google)

  • Additions: Please join us in welcoming the following experts to our Volunteer Leadership:

    • Data Center Facility Project

      • Brett Lehman (PCX) - Project Co-Lead

      • Madhu Iyengar (Google) - Project Co-Lead

      • Bob Oliver (Schneider Electric) - MDC Sub-Project Lead

      • Joey Arato (Facebook) - OTS (Incubation) Sub-Project Co-lead

      • John Littel (Google) - OTS (Incubation) Sub-Project Co-lead

      • Don Mitchell (Victaulic) - ACF (Incubation)  Sub-Project Co-lead

      • John Menoche (Vertiv) - ACF (Incubation) Sub-Project Co-lead

      • Justin Steadman (Rackspace) - IC Rep

    • Hardware Management Project

      • Qian Wang (Intel) - HW Mgmt Modules Sub-Project Lead

      • Rama Bhimanadhuni (MSFT) - HW Fault Mgmt (Incubation) Sub-Project Co-lead

      • Yogesh Varma (Intel) - HW Fault Mgmt (Incubation)  Sub-Project Co-lead

      • Zhengyu Yang (Facebook) - HW Fault Mgmt (Incubation) Sub-Project Co-lead

    • Networking Project

      • Sebastiano Bertani (Tanaza) - ECS Sub-Project Co-Lead

      • Jack Redpath (independent) - ECS Sub-Project Co-Lead

    • Rack and Power Project

      • John Bean (GRC) - ACS Immersion Sub-Project Co-lead

      • Sean Sivapalan (Intel) -  ACS Cold Plate Sub-Project Co-lead

      • John Fernadez (Facebook) -  ACS Door HX Sub-Project Co-lead

    • Server Project

      • Sailaja Malladi (MSFT) - Project Co-lead

    • Telco Project

      • Scott Allen (Nokia) - Edge Sub-Project Lead

    • Time Appliances Project (Incubation)

      • Ahmad Byagowi (Facebook) - Project Lead

      • Elad Wind (Nvidia) - IC Rep

  • For more details on our Volunteer Leadership, please visit the OCP About Page.

Please contact us if you have any questions!!!

Archna Haylock
Community Director
Open Compute Project
Cell: 408-921-9050
WhatsApp: +14089219050  ||  WeChat: archnahaylock  ||  Twitter: @ArchnaOCP

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