Join us for an OCP ODSA Data Accelerator Workshop - August 27th, 2021

Michael Schill

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Join us on August 27, 2021, 8AM–12PM PST!

The Open Domain-Specific Architecture (ODSA) is a subproject in the Open Compute Project to enable faster silicon innovation and develop an open marketplace for chiplets. The ODSA prototyping workgroup is organizing a half-day virtual workshop titled Prototyping Chiplet based Open Data Accelerators and we invite you to join. You will learn about emerging trends in data acceleration in cloud servers from industry leaders and eminent university researchers. 

This workshop will explore the following topics: 
  • Data Acceleration Trends in Storage 
  • Host - Accelerator Software interface and Emerging Protocols
  • Data Acceleration Challenges and Opportunities
  • Open-source opportunities in Data Acceleration
  • Role of chiplets in Data Acceleration
  • Asynchronous logic for Data Acceleration
ODSA will also show off their newest prototyping hardware for open data accelerator development, which will be accessible online. Come join us and hear about what is going on and how you and your company can get involved in this exciting effort. 

Michael Schill
Community & IT Manager
Open Compute Project (OCP)
Cell/WhatsApp: (828) 674-6806
Wechat ID: MichaelSchill

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