Call for Papers are Open for the 2022 OCP Global Summit!

Kate Hendle

The Call for Papers for our 2022 OCP Global Summit is now open! The Summit will take place over three days from October 18-20, 2022. These three days will be packed with Keynotes, Exhibits, Expo Hall Talks, Experience Center, Special Focus Tracks, Adopter Use Cases  and Engineering Workshops that will not be your typical lecture presentations. The Engineering Workshops will be focused on technical deep dives to allow for interactive collaboration and intense discussions on current OCP Project activities and new products! Special tracks feature work from adjacent communities that are relevant to the OCP Community and Adopter Use Case presentations showcase successful deployments of OCP recognized equipment. This is your opportunity to shine and present your know-how and expertise that benefits our open Community.

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The content for our Engineering Workshops, Special Focus and Adopter Use Case Tracks will depend on the response to the Call for Papers and the demand from our Community. It is critical that your abstracts provide the following information.

Relevance Criteria

  • Your product is based on an approved specification (listed in the Contribution Database) and is present in the OCP Marketplace by Sept 30, 2022. 

  • Your specification has been approved by OCP and is listed in the OCP Contribution Database by Sept 30, 2022.

  • Your facility has completed the OCP Colo Self Assessment and is listed in the OCP Marketplace by Sept 30, 2022.

  • An organization who has adopted OCP solutions on the  OCP Marketplace  (OCP recognized products, OCP Ready™ Facility, Integrated Solutions or Circular Economy solutions) by Sept 30, 2022.

  • Data center facility operator showcasing OCP best practices

  • Your organization is sharing learnings from OCP deployments demonstrating business value such as reduction in CAPEX, OPEX and Energy Efficiency. 

  • Your organization has built a managed service or professional services offering for deploying and supporting OCP solutions. Highlighting specific examples of performing these services to enterprise level customers in key vertical markets such as telecom, CSP, retail, public sector, etc.

  • You are deploying OCP recognized cards/accessories/components/ modules in your traditional product and why you chose OCP.

  • Your organization is testing its software on OCP recognized products and listed in OCP Github.

  • Your organization is developing an open tool to support OCP recognized products which is listed in OCP Github.

  • Your organization has built integrated solutions using OCP recognized hardware which leverages enterprise software; highlighting use cases, workloads and can share specific examples of end user deployments along with business results. This may include: 

    • OCP approved documents (white papers, guidelines, reference designs, etc)

    • OCP Accepted™ or OCP Inspired™ products

    • OCP recognized Integrated Solutions

    • OCP recognized Circular Economy solutions

    • Use of tools, firmware and software on the OCP Github

  • You have a new contribution (with a signed Contribution License Agreement) that is in process and you are looking for feedback from the Project Commmunity. 

  • The current Project Community is discussing on-going work streams and you have additional information in support of these work streams and the data is open for discussion and not confidential. 

  • You are part of a Relevant Adjacent Community and you can describe which OCP Projects are impacted by your work and how that work will benefit both communities.

  • Other - all presentations must discuss relevance to OCP

To learn about our Projects and Sub-Projects, please click here.  Workstreams and ongoing work-in-progress can also be found on the respective Project/Sub-Project Page’s wiki. Technical content is highly encouraged, especially for Engineering Workshops, as this event is intended to be an interactive deep dive on current activities and relevant concepts. We are looking for these types of experiences and subject matter expertise to build our 2022 OCP Global Summit schedule. 
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The submission period ends Friday, June 17 at 5pm PST.

Please do not submit an Abstract unless you can meet the following deadlines and guidelines:

May 9

Call for Papers Open

June 17

Call for Papers Closes

July 18

Speakers Notified

August 26

Speaker Presentations Due to OCP

August 29 - Sept 12    

Presentation Review Period

September 30

Speaker Final Presentations Due

October 18-20

OCP Global Summit

Please note:  Acceptance of an abstract does not guarantee a speaking engagement of any sort. OCP Foundation and Project Leadership will review qualified presentations and selections will be determined by content and relevance. The OCP Foundation may accept or reject any presentation in its sole discretion at any time. OCP will treat all information you provide in accordance with our privacy policy. Content should not be commercial in nature and should not be proprietary or contain confidential information.

If you have any questions regarding the Call for Papers for the 2022 OCP Global Summit, please contact Kate Hendle, Meeting Planner, at kate.hendle@....

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