Re: Formation of Telco openEDGE sub-Project and First Call Nov 14th - Agenda

Aaron Sullivan

Thanks Mike.

Does this sub-project have a written charter (or anything that describes the scope more explicitly than what might be inferred from the Telco group charter)?

If so, would you mind distributing a copy / link?

Thanks again,


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On Nov 2, 2018, at 3:25 PM, Mike Moore <mike.moore@...> wrote:

Dear OCP Members,


At the Amsterdam Summit, the submission of the openEDGE Chassis and Server Specifications, under the Telco Project was announced.   

In addition to this submission, the formation of the openEDGE sub-project, under the Telco Project, was initiated.   Links to the Draft Specifications can be found on the new openEDGE wiki:

Project calls have been planned for the following regularly scheduled times:

The first of these calls will be on Tuesday, November 14th, 1pm CST, will be the first call.  Aligning with the Telco Projects goals of wider global coverage, there will be a 2nd call per month to better align with APAC.

The current proposal for the next meeting is:

  1. Overview of OCP openEdge and draft submissions
  2. Discussion of the goals and timelines of the openEdge sub-project
  3. Others proposals

I look forward to working with the OCP Community to build an eco-system around this new architecture.


Mike Moore - Nokia

Sub-Project Lead -Telcos/Open Edge

Open Compute Project (OCP)

Cell: +1-972-876-0825

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