FYI: IEEE 2883 "Standard for Sanitizating of Storage" is in public review

James C Hatfield

This is to inform anyone with an interest in storage sanitization that a new IEEE standard is  

in public review from Nov. 15, 2021 until Jan. 14, 2022 


IEEE 2883 "Standard for Sanitizating of Storage" is a companion document to 

ISO/IEC 27040 "Information Technology - Security Techniques - Storage Security" 


ISO/IEC 27040 (revision still in development) describes high level security techniques, guidance, and requirements. 

IEEE 2883 describes HOW to sanitize storage in ways that depend on the technology (e.g., interface and media). 


Please send your comments to me (james.c.hatfield@...) before Jan. 10, 2022.  

Comments may be in any form (PDF, spreadsheet, email, document, etc.).  

I need to days between Jan 10-14 to collate and categorize the comments received. 


How you can get a copy for review: 


Members of IEEE Security In Storage WG: 

Members of the TCG Storage WG (via liaison agreement with IEEE):  

Members of the SNIA Security TWG (via liaison agreement with IEEE):  

All others can purchase a review copy at the IEEE-SA website ($82 for IEEEE members, $66 for non-members) 


Thank You !!!
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