Call for Nominations to serve as OCP Project Leads for 2020-2022

Michael Schill

The Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation would like to announce that nominations are now open for its OCP Project Leads. Starting Friday June 12th through Friday, June 26th, OCP will begin accepting Nominations for all OCP Project Lead positions.  

If you or someone you know would like to run for one of the Project Lead positions, please fill out this WEBFORM. Current Project Leads are also eligible to run for re-election.

Sub-Project Leads are appointed positions at OCP and not eligible for election, except for some special cases. While there is no specific term established for these Sub-Project positions, OCP understands that these positions can be quite demanding as the community grows. If any Sub-Projects are interested in seeking new leadership and/or are interested in Co-Lead opportunities, please let us know so we can support the community as best as possible. 

OCP Project Lead Positions open for election:

  • Data Center Facilities

  • Hardware Management

  • Networking

  • Open Systems Firmware

  • Rack & Power

  • Security

  • Server

  • Storage

  • Telco

Roles and Responsibilities:

Leadership of an OCP project is, by far, one of the most important volunteer roles within the OCP ecosystem. The role of an OCP Project Lead includes (but not limited to):

  • Facilitate discussions, both online and in-person, that empower and encourage project participants to communicate, collaborate, and contribute to OCP in an open and transparent manner.

  • Support the direction of the Foundation by effectively communicating those goals to their projects through the OCP mailing lists, monthly calls, OCP events and various other tools.

  • Drive communication between their projects and the Foundation;

  • Work closely with the Foundation to grow the reach of their respective projects and that of the OCP ecosystem;

  • Focus on the needs of the project participants, the project goals, and the OCP Foundation’s goals and philosophies. In addition the Project Leads must be able to infuse their project with the following traits:

  • strong community leadership

  • world wide collaboration

  • inclusive vs exclusive approach

  • technical excellence

  • focus on innovation 


 2 years:  August 2020  - July 2022


  • Nominees must belong to an OCP Tiered Member organization. 

  • OCP Community Level Member nominees are eligible to run if that organization has made a contribution to OCP within the last membership period (subject to approval by OCP staff).


Nominees may be self-nominated or can be nominated by another individual. All nominees must belong to an OCP Member organization. Co-leadership is encouraged and for some nominees, it is required. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please contact us. 

To nominate someone for the position of OCP Project Lead please use this WEBFORM


To be eligible to vote for a project lead in this election, individuals must belong to an OCP Member organization. Foundation Employees and OCP Board of Directors are also eligible to vote for the Project Leads.

If you belong to a member organization then please use your organizational email address on the voting form - this email will be used to validate your vote!

Election Timeline:

  • Friday June 12th - Call for Nominations Starts

  • Friday June 26th - Call for Nominations Ends

  • Friday June 26th - Publish list of Nominees

  • Monday June 29th - Voting Phase Begins

  • Friday July 24th - Voting Phase Ends

  • Friday Aug 7th - New Leads Announced

  • Aug 10th- Aug 21st - Transition/On-Boarding of New Project Leads

  • Aug 24th - New Project Leads assume Project Responsibilities

Restrictions and Limitations:

  • Position Restrictions

    • Community and Silver level members can hold no more than 1 leadership position at any one time.

    • Gold level members are eligible to hold no more than 2 leadership positions at any one time.

    • Platinum level members are eligible to hold no more 3 leadership positions at any one time.

    • If you have questions about how many positions your organization currently holds and if you are eligible, please contact OCP.

  • An individual may not hold more than one position at one time. 

  • All nominations must be added to the WEBFORM no later than 6pm Pacific Time on Friday June 26th, 2020.


If you have any questions about this election please email elections@..., archna@..., or michael@....

If you have any questions about the status of your OCP membership please email membership@....

More information about this election can be found at:

Michael Schill
Membership - Community Specialist
Open Compute Project (OCP)
Cell/WhatsApp: (828) 674-6806
Wechat ID: MichaelSchill

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