OCP Project Lead Positions: Call for Nominations Opens Friday June 24th!

Archna Haylock

The Open Compute Project (OCP) Foundation would like to announce that nominations will be open for its OCP Project Leads. Starting this Friday June 24th through Friday July 8th, OCP will begin accepting Nominations for all OCP Project Lead positions.  

If you or someone you know would like to run for one of the Project Lead positions, please fill out this WEBFORM. Current Project Leads are also eligible to run for re-election.

Sub-Project Leads are appointed positions at OCP and not eligible for election, except for some special cases. While there is no specific term established for these Sub-Project positions, OCP understands that these positions can be quite demanding as the community grows. If any Sub-Projects are interested in seeking new leadership and/or are interested in Co-Lead opportunities, please let us know so we can support the community as best as possible. 


Current Project Leads

Cooling Environments

Sean Sivapalen (Intel)

Don Mitchell (Victaulic)

Data Center Facility

Bret Lehman (PCX)

Madhusudan Iyengar (Google)

Hardware Management

Hemal Shah (Broadcom)

Bob Stevens (Dell)


Barak Gafni (Nvidia)

Ravindra Sunkad (meta)

Open System Firmware

Anjaneya Chagam (Intel)

Ryan O'Leary (Google)

Rack and Power

Hamid Keyhani (meta)

Caleb Lusk/Justin Blumling (Rittal)


Bryan Kelly (Microsoft)

Nate Klein (Google)


John Stuewe (Dell)

Mark A Shaw (Microsoft)


Dave Landsman (Western Digital)

Amber Huffman (Google)


Marko Hokkanen (Nokia)

Loren Staley (Edgecore)

Time Appliances Project (TAP)

Ahmad Byagowi (meta)

Election Timeline:

  • Friday June 24th - Call for Nominations Starts

  • Friday July 8th - Call for Nominations Ends

  • Friday July 8th - Publish list of Nominees

  • Monday July 11th - Voting Phase Begins

  • Friday July 22nd - Voting Phase Ends

  • Friday July 29th - New Leads Announced

  • July 29th - Aug 22nd - Transition/On-Boarding of New Project Leads

  • Thurs Aug 4th - First Meeting with Incubation Committee

  • Aug 22nd - New Project Leads assume Project Responsibilities

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Must be a tiered member (silver/gold/platinum) or a community member whose company or organization has made a contribution in the current term.
  • Must have technical background and must be involved in the community that they are representing for at least 6 months prior to running for this position.
  • Co-leads must equally share in the responsibility of leading their Project Community
  • This is a 2 year term and you should seek support from your company before nominating yourself or from their company before nominating another individual. 
  • Silver/Gold/Platinum Members can hold up to 20% of the total Project Leadership positions. They may not exceed more than 25% of the IC positions.
  • Community level members need to make contributions in order to hold a leadership position at OCP. The maximum number of positions held by a single Community level member is 2.
  • Individual Members - thought leaders can run as individuals. 
  • ALL positions count as 1 leadership position, including Co-leads for Projects.
  • More details about the role can be found here.

Who can vote:

Community member: 1 vote per company per leadership position.

Silver member: 2 votes per company per leadership position.

Gold member: 3 votes per company per leadership position.

Platinum member: 4 votes per company per leadership position.

Foundation - tie vote

If you have questions about how many positions your organization currently holds and if you are eligible, please contact OCP. More details about the role can be found here.

All nominations must be added to the WEBFORM no later than 6pm Pacific Time on Friday July 8th, 2022.

Please contact me with any questions.

Archna Haylock
Chief Community Officer
Open Compute Project Foundation
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