OCP Advanced Cooling Facilities WorkStream update 6/23 - #dontfearliquidcooling #planforit

Don Mitchell

Greatly appreciate the continued input to the Advanced Cooling – Facilities (ACF) subproject

Per request, attached is a PDF of the slides used and downloads of the current WP documents.


The Advanced Cooling – Facilities (ACF) subproject was added to develop best practices and guidance around the addition of liquid cooled ITE to air cooled data centers.

Discussions are recorded, with links on the ACF Wiki site. 

  • -Weekly OCP ACF workstream update calls Tuesdays 1100 ET (UTC-4)
  • -Weekly OCP Technical Deepdive calls Wednesdays 1100 ET (UTC -4)
  • -Monthly OCP ACF APAC update 7/21 0830 Singapore/Beiing time – UTC +8)

Link for calls listed above https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/952298085

Key focus advancement of two workstreams, to publish as WP end of summer:


Please advise if you object to being invited to future meetings

Thanks for leading the change


Don Mitchell – don.mitchell@...


Subproject Co-Leads for Advanced Cooling – Facilities



Upcoming OCP Advanced Cooling Facilities Events


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