Liquid Distribution Locations - Above, Below, Perimeter - Work Stream Deep Dive - 0800 PT/1100ET/1600GMT Wednesdays

Don Mitchell

Per discussion 6/22,  Advanced Cooling – Facilities (ACF) subproject will be extending “deep dive session” around recommendations for pipe distribution Above/Below/ Perimeter

Participation in deep dive sessions is targeted toward a smaller group, technical content providers.

Current focus is on FMEA associated with pipe location


Progress reviewed

     Weekly OCP ACF calls Tuesdays 1100 ET (UTC-4)

     Weekly OCP ACF Pipe Distribution Location subcommittee calls Wednesdays 1100 ET (UTC -4)

     Monthly OCP ACF APAC update 3rd Wednesdays 0930 Singapore/Beiing time – UTC +8)


Those wishing to contribute input to connection WP are encouraged to attend Wednesday session as well

direct input to on-line documents is a very effective.  Attached  links to workstreams:


OCP Guidance, Reference Designs – Adding Liquid Cooling loops to Data Centers


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Don Mitchell

John Menoche, P.E.


Subproject Co-Leads for Advanced Cooling - Facilities


To get involved: 

1) Please become an OCP member and join the ACF Mailing List

2) Get familiar with the details on the Sub-Project on the ACF Wiki

3) Check our Project Calendar for more info. Call Info and agenda will be published via the mailing list reflector. 


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