Registry for fields changes

Giovanni Colapinto

Hi all.


Because we are going to face a, more or less, massive change of fields in the JSON schema, I created a document to keep it organized.


The idea is that every time someone wants to change a field, he writes a section in this doc

(it’s inside our shared drive, under Test Schema Standardization folder).

All the relative instructions are at the beginning of the doc as a simple list to follow to accomplish all the steps.


This should make simple to:

  • Trace each change in the json schema
  • Having a history of what done
  • The other group members could follow on slack the conversation in which are interested, without having a single channel for all the fields
  • The registry keeps trace of the proposal and what done, making simple also to the people that are not reading slack, to understand what is happening
  • The changes are atomic, simple to review and to manage


Please let me know any comment/improvement




Re: How to set up SAIthrift for validation on broadcom switch?


On checking the syslog, we are getting 
Sep 14 07:40:04.348814 sonic INFO saiserver: [0] SAI_API_UNSPECIFIED:sai_api_initialize:371 BRCM SAI ver: [], OCP SAI ver: [1.6.5], SDK ver: [sdk-6.5.19] Sep 14 07:40:04.348988 sonic CRIT saiserver: [0] SAI_API_SWITCH:brcm_sai_create_switch:610 Error unsupported packet tx/rx feature

The file in shows BRCM_SAI = libsaibcm_5.0.0.8_amd64.deb.
Is it a versioning error?

How to set up SAIthrift for validation on broadcom switch?


The document given on github is incomplete. There is one video available on youtube of OCP networking workshop. It fills the gaps left by the github document, but still problems arises, and it is based on mellanox.

The steps which I have followed are:-
  • Installing thrift 0.9.2 on both switch and client.
  • Installing ptf on switch
  • copying sai.profile and port_config.ini from buildimage
  • copying th_32x100.config.bcm from  buildimage and copying it to path specified in sai.profile
  • on running sudo ./saiserver -p sai.profile -f port_config.ini, I am getting the following output-
    • profile map file: sai.profile
    • port map file: port_config.ini
    • insert: SAI_INIT_CONFIG_FILE:/usr/share/sonic/hwsku/th_32x100.config.bcm
    • insert: SAI_NUM_ECMP_MEMBERS:64

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